Two Non-Hutterites and a Hutterite

Last week, the Brandon Area Car Enthusiasts held their first Cruisin’ the Dub evening of the season.  For those of you not from the Brandon area, Cruisin’ the Dub is an event in which people bring their antique or unique cars and angle park them along Rosser Avenue downtown.  The City closes the street to regular traffic and pedestrians eagerly wander amongst the cars.  It’s one of few nights when … Continue reading

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Missing the Denizens of Downtown Brandon

Hello all! You know, lately I’ve been having trouble thinking of interesting and intelligent blog posts for Colourful Rain and I’ve been trying to figure out why.  I think part of the reason is that I’m no longer wandering downtown on a daily basis and I’m no longer dealing with the public on a daily basis, so I’m not interacting with as many people.  (So far,  I’ve written fifty-four Colourful … Continue reading

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The Life Worth Living

People always say that life is worth living.  They say it as if it’s an obvious fact, an established truth that requires no logic or evidence to prove its validity.  But most of us have gone through very difficult times when we questioned the truth of that tenet.  Just for clarification, I’m not claiming that most of us have contemplated suicide.  I’m just saying that most of us have fallen … Continue reading

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Curvy Icicles

I found these icicles hanging off the roof of my building a few days ago.  My condo faces north, so I’m guessing that the prevailing winds from the west made the icicles curve.  They look kinda neat, don’t they?

Curved Icicles - Without View

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Lost-and-found Sister

I just got my hair cut a couple days ago and my hair dresser told me a really nice story that I thought I’d share with you. My hair dresser is of Italian decent, but she was born and raised in Canada.  Her mother came to Canada from Italy when she was a young woman, which was probably close to forty years ago.  She didn’t tell anyone that she was … Continue reading

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The Right Regrets

Hi everyone!  I have another Brandon Sun cryptoquote for you: “Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets.”–Arthur Miller Well, Arthur, I understand what you’re saying, but I just can’t agree with you. I think Miller’s point is that we all make mistakes.  We all take wrong turns and we all say and do things that we wish we hadn’t.  If I could only go … Continue reading

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“What Is Love?”

It often seems that love has gone MIA these days.  So many couples aren’t sure what they feel–is it love, infatuation, or just lust?  But love is still there.  Love will always be there.  Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves of what love really is.  Happy Valentine’s to you and your sweethearts!

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Lost Photos

Have you ever lost a camera memory card?  There’s something oddly tragic about it, isn’t there?  I mean, logic tells you that all that’s been lost are collections of digital pixels–without substance, matter, or concrete meaning.  Logic tells you that your life will still go on, just the same as it did before.  The loss of these images won’t affect your day-to-day life or your future in any way.  They’re … Continue reading

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“If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived.”

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Water Street

Reportedly the oldest street in North America, Water Street is a major St. John’s tourist attraction as well as a National Historic Site (click here to learn why).  But it’s also a great place for shopping, wandering, and eating!  Water Street and the neighbouring Duckworth Street are lined with colourful row buildings, cute shops, quaint cafes, classy restaurants, pubs, buskers, and other lively things to keep you smiling!

In the background of this photo (on the right side), you can also see the Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and some of the row houses that I’ll show you pictures of soon!

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