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Two Non-Hutterites and a Hutterite

Last week, the Brandon Area Car Enthusiasts held their first Cruisin’ the Dub evening of the season.  For those of you not from the Brandon area, Cruisin’ the Dub is an event in which people bring their antique or unique cars and angle park them along Rosser Avenue downtown.  The City closes the street to regular traffic and pedestrians eagerly wander amongst the cars.  It’s one of few nights when … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Kindness Day

So, according to a clerk in a clothing store in the mall, today was Random Acts of Kindness Day!  I never knew there was a designated “day” for that before. Hmm . . . having a designated “day” for random acts of kindness is wonderfully good in some ways but sad in others, isn’t it?  Celebrating random acts of kindness is wonderful, but it’s sad that we need a designated … Continue reading

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Sunset Romance under Smoke

This was a youngish, friendly, and very sweet couple from the States.  They were extremely friendly to chat with and quite sweet with each other.  To say that I was impressed with their knowledge of Canadian geography would be a huge understatement.  Their rental car (rented from somewhere on the island of Newfoundland) had Nova Scotia plates on it, so I honestly assumed they were Canadians, especially given their knowledge of the country.  It’s very rare to meet Americans who are as interested in Canada as these two were.  It was touching, actually.  They were touring around both Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

This photo was taken on the top deck of the ferry where a handful of people were braving the chilly winds to watch the sunset.  As soon as the smokestack let out that big puff of dark smoke, I swung around and snapped a quick photo.

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So, this weekend was Doors Open Brandon and today (Sunday) was the first chance I’ve ever had to tour some of the homes and buildings!  I’m a huge sucker for old houses and buildings, so I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity.  And, yes, I enjoyed myself!  The buildings themselves were interesting and the people were intriguing . . . and then there was Marcia. (For those of you who … Continue reading

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Hair Brushing on Rosser Avenue

Every day, I walk to and from work through downtown Brandon.  Downtown Brandon generally isn’t filled with throngs of people but there are still enough people that, if you’re lucky enough, you can catch some neat moments. The other day, I was fortunate enough to catch a very sweet moment between two long-haired First Nations women.  When I say “long-haired,” I mean rich, thick, very dark brown hair stretching down … Continue reading

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Luck, Rain, and People

So, today was Friday the thirteenth and it rained all day.  Nothing heavy.  Just a light, gentle, refreshing rain.  I could’ve driven to work, but I had no desire to do that.  An umbrella is all I need!  As long as it isn’t oppressively windy (thus making an umbrella more of a hindrance than a help), I enjoy walking in the rain!  It just feels and smells so beautifully clean … Continue reading

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Warmth in the Cold

Have any of you ever locked yourselves outside in the cold?  Come on, ‘fess up . . . I know I’m not alone here!  I accidentally locked myself out of my workplace the other day and, while it certainly could’ve been much colder, it was definitely cold. The whole thing was simple, really (as these kinds of errors often are).  When I close up the museum for the day (the … Continue reading

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Fundamental Goodness

I strongly believe (and have believed for a long time) in the fundamental goodness of people.  Some of us have warmer hearts than others but I truly find it extremely difficult to condemn anyone as 100% evil to his or her core. “But what about the murderers and the rapists?  What about Hitler and Stalin?  What about . . .”  Just to be clear, I’m in no way defending or … Continue reading

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